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STYRON BUNA® cis 132 - High-cis Polybutadiene Rubber (BR)

Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type Synthetic Rubber

With seven decades of technology leadership Trinseo is a world leader in the production of synthetic rubber, latex and plastics.

Trinseo cis 132 is a high-cis polybutadiene rubber (BR) with over 95% cis content, produced using a catalyst system based on nickel.

General info

TRINSEO BUNA® cis-132 has good abrasion and flex-cracking resistant characteristics, low hysteresis as well as excellent low temperature resilience. Consequently customers use TRINSEO BUNA® cis-132 in tire tread and sidewall compounds, conveyor belts, footwear and in other applications such as golf ball cores where good dynamic properties are sought.

TRINSEO BUNA® cis-132 Polybutadiene Rubber is produced at Trinseo’s world class production facility in Schkopau, Germany resulting in a product of exceptional consistency and quality delivering excellent processability resulting in high degrees of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

TRINSEO BUNA® cis 132 Polybutadiene Rubber is stereo specific with a high 1.4-cis content. It is manufactured by a solution process using an organo-metallic nickel catalyst which produces a consistent light coloured polymer with low ash content.

TRINSEO BUNA® cis 132 contains a non-staining stabiliser.

TRINSEO BUNA® cis 132 is widely used in the tyre industry and also in the production of conveyor belts and other rubber articles which are exposed to high cyclical stress. It offers good abrasion resistance, high resilience, low hysteresis, and a low glass transition temperature.

The excellent processability properties of TRINSEO´S BUNA® cis 132 makes it a good polybutadiene rubber to be blended with natural rubber and styrene butadiene (SBR), isoprene (IR), nitrile (NBR), or polychloroprene (CR) synthetic rubbers.

Also due to its non-staining stabiliser TTRINSEO´S BUNA® cis 132 is suitable for light-coloured rubber articles also when compounded with selected thermoplastics.