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Celanyl PA Compounds

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PA 6, PA 66, PPA

Technical and Specialty Polyamide compounds.

Celanese Celanyl PA6, PA66, PPA, and semi-aromatic PA compounds are developed to offer customers a wide range of solutions for industrial and automotive applications.

Being extremely versatile, Celanyl Nylon can produce molded parts with strength, durability, good surface appearance, chemical resistance and a high degree of stiffness, even under elevated temperatures.

General info

Celanyl Polyamide Compounds portfolio:

  • Celanyl PA6 / PA66 Technical Compounds
  • Celanyl PA6 / PA66 Specialty Compounds
  • Celanyl XT PPA Specialty Compounds
  • Celanyl XS Semi-aromatic PA Specialty Compounds

Available Celanyl grades:

  • Unfilled
  • Glass fiber reinforced up to 65%
  • Mineral-, glass bead- or metal-filled
  • UV and heat-stabilized
  • Impact modified
  • Tribologically enhanced for low wear and friction
  • Electrically conductive and dissipative
  • UL-listed and FDA compliant
  • High mechanical performance for metal replacement

Typical Celanyl PA6, PA66, PPA and semi-aromatic PA applications:

Automotive Celanyl polyamide applications

  • Interior (gearbox, pedals, safety components, door components)
  • Powertrain (fasteners, cable ducts, clips, engine cover)
  • Chassis & Underbody (acoustical baffles, strut bearings)
  • Electrical & Electronic (fuse boxes)
  • Exterior (door handles, tank flaps)

Industrial Celanyl polyamide applications

  • Material handling (bush and bearings, conveyor chains & belts, cable carrier)
  • Fluid handling (water valves, water meters, hydraulic fittings)

Consumer goods Celanyl polyamide applications

  • Furniture (hinges, drawer components, fixation elements)
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Household Goods & Appliances


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